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I have worked with Jack Woodhouse at “Our Rita’s” for 2 years now. When looking for an appropriate company to launch my debut theatre tour soon after I appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and after 26 years as a professional entertainer, it was imperative I made the right choice.

I was approached by several different organisations who were seemingly promising the earth! However, Jack stood out to me as having a rare honesty and integrity about him. Qualities which I admire greatly but have scarcely come across in all the years in this crazy business called show!

Jack has a formidable attitude and shows a great love and understanding of his field. He is passionate about what he does and always there to lend support and a listening ear. This is not the case with larger companies who have several hundred acts to deal with. Jack will go the extra mile to accommodate venues and artists, creating a lovely working atmosphere. He is an absolute diamond and I hope to continue working with him and the Our Rita’s team for many years to come. Siobhan Phillips Testimonial